Ocean Tomo Investment Group, LLC provides technology rich companies with holistic advisory, investment banking and capital raising services. Our services fill a void in traditional investment banking by blending those functions with our unique understanding of intellectual property (IP) – an underutilized asset class that requires specific expertise to understand and extract value.

We work with entities to engineer IP-based transactions across the liquidity and risk-return spectra, including privately held businesses contemplating liquidity events, publicly traded companies contemplating divestiture of non-core assets or merger and acquisitions, and financial sponsors interested in IP-driven deal structures. Through our network of institutional investors, hedge funds, and private equity investors, we work with corporations, research institutions, and entrepreneurs large and small to recognize value for IP.

Over the past 35 years, the United States and developed world economies have experienced an economic inversion transforming from manufacturing into tangible asset-lite, innovation-based economies. This transformation is one of the most underexploited developments in contemporary economics, finance and investing.

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